Ducati Owner riding down Tooley street this lunch time

Whoever was riding a Ducati this lunch, about 20mins ago down Tooley Street.

You where at the traffic light by London Dungeon and pulled a wheelie when they went green.

Just to let you know… I heard a rather good looking lady say id love to “f” a guy like that :w00t::wink:

Your well in there!!!

Wheelie school recommendations, anyone? :Whistling:

lol, omg she must have been on heat!

She said it to her mate… dont think she realised I was standing behind!.. ohhh the thoughts women have but never say eh? :wink:

Hahahaha! Love it! So funny you posted something like that too :slight_smile:

She got an Aprilia mixed up with a Ducati… must have just been the Akras roaring :wink:

Naughty girl.

@ Alex, but then she saw you had the fatman shock and thought dear god im better off with a westie…:P:D

She wanted a good service Westie, not a shopping trip! Besides, she’ll want something more than a bean pole! :hehe:

She probably wanted someone tall :Whistling:

I can wheelie my push-bike, but not my motorbike…still, surely my skills must be worthy of a blowie :slight_smile:

I think we should go there tomorrow, and just line up… :hehe:

He did mention wheelies Alex, so that clearly counts you out;)

well no… it depends how fat back he sits on the bike… im sure he would get the front in the air if he sat on the pillion seat! :smiley:


HAHAHAHA quality post!

dirty girl…

now now guys… settle down :smiley: what did this woman look like, surely thats important? I mean she could be so desperate she’d f*** anyone :D:D:w00t:

you women just dont know how to leave anything to the imagination. In my mind this woman looks just like… :wink:

well SirYam said he thought she was goodlooking :wink: