Ducati Monster

Hi, I’m sure that’s a lot of fun



Sorry. Only vintage bikes shoud be allowed sidecars. There my two pence worth.

what’s with all that welded bar around the front fender?

Hehe… that sidecar looks like Mr Rush from the Mr. Men :smiley:

couple of weeks back on route to bournemouth, i passed a ducati monster, with a side car, only it wasy teh way it had been built for its wheelchair bound rider, a bit liek 7wheels trike, fantastic bit of engineering,had a lil chat with the fella, nice bloke:D

Wow, nice find - I like it!

Them bars stop the front wheel falling off;)

Many sidecar units have a totally different front suspension arrangement called Leading Link instead of telescopic forks.

The bars you are talking about is the equivalent to your rear swinging arm:cool:Because you have to steer a sidecar unit around a bend, standard forks don’t work very well as the geometry is designed to be lent over rather than steered.