Ducati Monster to Desmosedici, DIY style

You’ve got to give it to the bloke, that’s real determination to own a Desmosedici RR :slight_smile:

I can’t figure out if I think that’s truly inspirational or really sad!

Amazing job though; master craftsman at work there.

The guy being French, I would normally go for the latter…
Unless he is well born off course:hehe:

Bloody commoners…

You have to give it to the fella for lovely craftsmanship. He is obviously a very skilled pattern maker/model maker.

That’s it… I’m turning my Firestorm into an NSR500V:D:D:D

better than looking like a honda melody mate :D:P

Maybe you need a shopping basket on the front mate;)

thats quality

you cant even get a desmo in france without them restricting the crap out of it anyway can you?

100bhp top on any bike
but no MOT for the first 5 years so most are deristricte

not a bad attempt

thats well good :smiley: