Ducati monster 696 in London


I’ve been riding for 2 years on a Suzuki van van and thinking a upgrade.

I like naked bike a lot and monster caught my eye. I know this is a big step up for me(125>700), but I really really like the looks of the monster.(especially the diesel green edition. WOW!)

I’ll not travel far on bike in London. Only to work about zone two to zone one.
My question is - can monster cope with the start stop condition in London? Most of the time 30-40mph.

My mum’s neighbour commutes on a monster and he loves it, never complains about anything on it.

Naked bikes like this are pretty good in traffic.
You are upright and can see ahead of you.
The bars are a bit wider but you can still manoeuvre through the traffic pretty easily.

I went from a 125 to a 675 Triumph- you’ll love the extra power, especially after the VanVan.
Just take it easy for the first few days.

In my opinion your stepping up wouldn’t be too big with the Monster (I went from a scooter 250cc to a Monster 695).
But it depends by the rider. Do you think you have enough experience riding in general?
Have you pushed your current bike limits in order to look for an upgrade or is it only for aesthetic reasons?

Btw, if you ask me, the Diesel edition is a no-no unless you’re a metrosexual or an italian dandy.

get on it and ride it like you stole it hang on and eenjoy it

lock it good