Ducati Monster 695 for sale!

Hello everyone, I’d like to go for a smoother 4 cylinder therefore I’m selling my bike:

Ducati Monster 695

colour: red
good conditions
registered 2006
11300 miles
new tyres and break pads
service history:
-600 m or 6 months
-7.500 m
-15.000 m
-22.500 m
MOT valid until 13 July 2012

I’m looking for 3400£

I couldn’t upload any pictures, PM me your e-mail and I’ll send the pics!

Might have better luck in the for sale section of the site fella ?


Oh, I didn’t see it!
Thanks :smiley:

A bit optimistic on the price, I think.

You may be looking for£3,400 but you may have to accept a lot closer to £3,000 or even just below.

Are you giving me an advice or are you trying to negotiate? :smiley:
I paid the bike £3700 just 4 months ago (I know, the dealer stole me a few hundreds but that was my first “buying experience”) and I put new tyres and pads…
Also look at the market and compare my offer to other m695 for sale!
In 4 months nothing happened therefore I don’t see the reason I should lose 700 quid…
Anyway, I’m chasing another bike, if someone is determined and quick I might give a little discount :wink: