Ducati Hypermotard???

Who is this pilot?? :w00t:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0TU8N-aF40&feature=player_embedded

Is Ducati Hypermotard? The best!!!

Bye bye :smiley:

he nailed those corners properly!:w00t:

The retarders should all be strung up, the lot of’em!:angry:

i like the superretard and its on my list of next possible bike :slight_smile:

I’ve got one and love it!:P:P:D:D:w00t:

real men ride twins:D

You know it!

Surely that rider was in the wrong group, so many overtakes! :w00t:

Swedish twins Sir, oh sir, up against a tree Sir, Oh Sir…:smiley:

hahahahah thats mental

I went to test ride one but didn’t find it that involving and i so wanted one as well.

I might have to go try one again but not test it on such open roads and maybe look more at twisty roads and city riding.

Nice riding though and the guy on the KTM was obviously playing as i think he was sitting up a few times waiting for the duc to catch up.

maybe it was Pete on wonky lol

Wish I could ride my bike like that!

how on earth did he manage to keep the front down?!?!?!

Italian rider tested a Ducati Hypermotard braked over the limit

KTM has 40 hp more than DUCATI


No m8, we ride rust!:stuck_out_tongue: