Ducati Hypermotard, No Longer a Concept?

I know this bike is old news now, but personally I missed the fact that Ducati confirmed it will be built, so is no longer a concept. Here’s some pictures I haven’t seen before. Forgive me if I’m behind the times on this, but I find this bike very cool and thought I’d share on the off-chances others hadn’t seen these…

So how much will this bike cost? £10-15k?


Now I do like that

Guess it’s not the first choice of direction that Ducati wanted to go, but from what I gather their sports bike sales have been in steady decline in the face of better/cheaper/more reliable competition from the Japanese

Now that’s a Ducati I would be tempted! But not as the usual ridiculous prices as they usually brake, leak, and stop… lol

Old news fella

I’ve even put a deposit down for one

For real?

2 real

It looks really nice, but I suspect that the 950sm would be simular power and weight, much better built, more reliable and much cheaper esp in the event of a stack. MCN binned one at 70mph with only scuffs to show for it. Only issue being that the 950 is completely fuggly

So it gets the supermofo seal of approval then

Yeah mate, no doubting it looks sex

I’d still buy the orange fuggly bug, but I’m wired

How nice is that!! I want one…

Just noticed it only had 1 brake disc?

Interesting eh. Normally you only get one disc on bikes that are light and so a single disc surfices, but this bike weighs as much as a superbike, so are the brakes going to be up to the job?

Better built? More reliable? How do you figure that? I’ve been riding Ducatis for 4 years - a 1999 750ss and now a 2002 900ss - and I’ve never been stranded on the road side due to mechanical woes. As for better built, I’ve always been impressed with build quality - which is what I’ll happily pay a little more for, so I agree with your “more expensive in the event of a crash” comment :slight_smile:

Yeah, but it is a radial four pot brembo! Probably has more stopping power than my twin disk two pot setup.

Just from what I’ve seen. KTMs with their off rd heritage tend to be very well built and finished, as opposed to some very cheap looking wire routing, plating etc on some Ducs. Also loads more stories of Ducs going wrong, which considering KTM sell more bikes and a lot of them being compition spec just gave me that impression. Not saying there ain’t good Duc’s but when I considered a Monster S2R there were lots of niggly faults that people mentioned on some of the Duc websites. I could be wrong thou

Yeah but 950SM has 2 disks with the same set up

Here here

Up the Ducatisti

Still got it on order

I Don’t blame ya it looks fecking lovely

i reckon it will look a bit different when it finally does hit the streets,from what i have heard they are struggling to meet emissions with the airbox and exhaust system,so it could end up with possibly a bigger tank so the air box will fit and huge exhaust with cats.

looks good though

<hides behind sofa>

God thats hideous!!!