Ducati Hypermotard Concept Bike

Dear Ducati,

Please make this bike coz I need it

need it? or want it?

dam thats a fine machine…


I know that feeling!

They are makin it mo
I dont like it but then I like proper hardcore supermotos not wannabe motos

For use in the Urban Jungle only

It’s nice! I wonder how heavy, as that engine looks pretty big, as do the wheels. Kinda of an uprated Monster, almost. I can’t stand concepts normally, not because they’re not nice, but because they are so nice, and never get made!

NOT a concept. Is going into production. 175KGS including the foldy mirrors/indicators

I would buy that bike at 7K ! But as usual Ducati will ask 11?12? Stuck it!

i take one great bike for the city

“Pared down to its essentials, the Ducati Hypermotard is an extreme performance, over-the-top motorcycle. Its purpose is single minded. Incredibly slim, compact and exceptionally light, this bike offers what no Supermotard can: speeds exceeding 220KPH on the race track, fuel injection and 100 horsepower tipping the scales at 175 kg dry.”

Sounds fun

just had a look the ducati webpage

great parts used !!! slipper clutch, marchesini racing wheels,Ohlins remote reservior shock,

i like the folding mirrors hope the will have a black version…

Sounds & looks wonerful, but it will be too tall for us short arses


I don’t think much of that power to weight ratio, it’s heavier than a K5 1000 and nearly half as powerful. V-Twins are always too heavy! Controversial, I know, but then, this is a forum for discussion

Its been getting some stick from the motard boys for being too heavy etc but then its not really meant to be a supermoto. Its a ‘proper’ bike which can tour/commute/scratch etc. It certainly looks better than the pig ugly multistrada… Cant help but think they should have put the 999 engine in it. Then the weight would be less of an issue. Maybe an R version will appear one day…

Light at 175kgs?! My bike weighs 114kg… But then there isnt anything to it!

I think it looks really nice.

However, with that motor, it doesn’t really compare with the 950SM and sooperdook.

Maybe though, if it’s bought as a town bike, power output won’t matter.

Some pictures from Ducati.com

And some features…

gorgeous…one of those please…new R6…yam wr450…truimph rocket(just for the hell of it!)

and a garage to keep them in…job done!!!

Ok! Now you did it Jay! I seriously fancy that bike! It’s the first Ducati I fancy ever! I will even put up with the complete unreability of it and the price of the services it the machine itself is not as expensive as Rocket III !

Power to weight should have less importance on this kind of bike… its all about the torque? surely?