Ducati Hyper

i saw twist of the throttle on tv the other day when they was at ducati factory , they showed the ducati hypermotard , and i saw two today at the eaa run , has anyone got or tried one out , i am tempted they do look like an awesome bit of kit

I understand that they’re very good and a lot of fun. Apparently more road bike than SM.You need to wear your road race boots too so I have heard? MX boots can be a prob. I think that despite its cubic capacity its out done by the KTM 950SM around a track? Ducati’s are a looks tho aint they!:w00t:

I did two test rides and felt underpowered in standard but with 2-1 Termi was different bike, still thinking about Hypermotard.


KTM Superduke felt faster and stronger when comparing one after another.