ducati gt1000 tires

it’s a really nice bike but i really dont like it having tubes!..i know its because it has spoked rims but bmw manage to have tubless tires on their gs range …

or is it really not such a problem…this is the only thing stopping me from getting one!

Lovely choice of machine, clasic Duke lines…yummmm

The Beemers have a specially designed rim to allow them to use tubeless tyres. Moto Guzzi do it as well.

Unless your Duke has the same idea I’m afraid you are stuck with tubes.

Whats’s so wrong with tubes anyway?:cool:

it’s that with tubes ur tire will deflate much quicker than tubless which could be a problem at speed,and you can’t just plug them if you get a puncture etc … lovely bike though…i might just say f@@ck it and get it anyway!

If you are really fussed about it Alpina make cast alloy wheels for the Paul Smart Replica which might fit

You’re stuck with the tubes…

I think the biggest problem on a bike like that is keeping the spokes clean…:Whistling:

You say " at speed " ???

I would have thought the thing would have shaken itself to bits at much over 60mph long before the tyres will have an influencing factor :Whistling:

Lovely looking bike though - proper " retro " :cool:

I have one of those for sale, fancy looking at another one? :Whistling:

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I don’t think having tubes would put me off having the bike if I really wanted one.

I didn’t even know Ducati made this bike until a couple of weeks ago. Looks really nice. :cool: