Ducati Factory Bologna

My girlfirend booked a surprise trip to Bologna to see the ducati factory for my birthday!

Saw the 1098 being built & the desmocedici. The museum is excellent, its got an amazing feeling in the air being around the bikes of all those greats, smart, hailwood, foggy, baylis… You know it really is unbelievable how such a small factory can take on a beat the likes of honda…





more pictures…





few more…





Lucky boy :wink: you look like a kid in a sweet shop :smiley:

Oh mate!

Thats just Bike Porn at its purest:cool:

You lucky boy!:smiley:

You lucky, lucky, lucky [email protected]:smiley:

Where the hell was my invite:D

You lucky boy, glad you had a good birthday chap.

my girlfriend said the same , kid, sweet shop… i was at the front answering all the guides questions & wandering off in the factory where i wasnt suppose to be!! the desmo just looks beautiful…

the guide said they used to have the engines running alone a line and each person put a few bits on, then when that american company took over, the name escapes me, they made each person build a whole engine and then put their name on it, this drastically improved quality. now its one person engine one person bike basically…

1 the first ever ducati…

2 mike hailwood had a problem with flies on the 78 TT so he srewed half a tennis ball to his fairing and put a wet sponge in it, what a man!!

3 although many didnt like him he was my hero… foggy…





I’m very jealous - what a girlie you have there, doing something like that for you!

Thats what I call a cool birthday pres!! Very lucky!! (wife take note)

stunning photos there mate - I’d love to have a wander around there! :slight_smile:

Has anyone been to the honda museum in japan? I’d like a tour of that too!

well worth a visit if you guys are out that way, it took 2 months to get confirmation in writing that we were able to visit!!

i’m running very short on excuses for not getting married and having kids with this girl !!

you lucky :)no do not have the kids , get her to let you have a garage full of ducati 's instead :hehe:

Great pics :cool: