Ducati Elite?

No idea where it came from or what it is… saw it on the KTM forum from someone who founded it elsewhere (on a yank site) where it was references as a custom nakes panigale. Photopgraphy is Dutch so no idea really… anyway, enjoy the pictures :smiley:

that’s made my eyes bleed… :frowning:

Nice, but what’s with the water bottle strapped to the side :w00t:

for keeping the roadside emergency brew kit hot … it is a ducati afterall…

Hahaha, very clever… possibly the most hilarious joke I ever heard!
Well done! :hehe:

Yes please!:w00t:

Destined for somebody’s lounge to be drooled over, never to see tarmac in it’s life.


It’s an emergency bottle of Muc-Off (PJ can explain) :slight_smile:

The Muck Off has to go there as there is no place for it under the rear seat. The AA card is already under there :laugh:

that looks lovely