Ducati Desmodue at Pembrey

bit of onboard footage from sundays race at Pembrey :slight_smile: finished 8th.

high quality version should be available when youtube compressors stop doing their stuff to it… click on the vid to go to youtube, then select ‘watch in high quality’ :slight_smile:

dont forget to RATE IT!!

Good stuff there mate. Thanks again for the plate a couple of weeks ago.

Nice one fella, that put me in the mood :slight_smile:

Great news :smiley: and good quality vid too. Can’t wait to be on track again!

actually, the quality wasnt as good as i’d liked, i put the recorder too close to the rear coil and picked up some interference… will look better once youtube puts up the high quality version.for comparison, go look at my Assen video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHFbzb5uUCo , and select the high quality option… :slight_smile:

looking good! really need to get back on track!