Ducati Crash Protectors

Hi guys,

Anyone one know where I can pickup a set of Ducati 748 crash protectors at a reasonable price??

I dont mind if they are used but in good nick.

Guess Fleabay is the one.

Myself as I didn’t want to drill the fairings so I use spindle sliders, on the 749 the tank is quite narrow.

I tested them out the other day at the hairpin at Cadwell, and the bike slid on the (track) fairing, the front spindle slider, footrest hanger and the bar end weight, minimal damage and I was straigh out in the next session.

thinking about it It didn’t do the fairing any good, but as for keeping the expensive bits off the gound, ie the front forks, disks and tank it worked well.

So probably not the kind of advice you want.