Ducati 999R for Christmas

I want one of these under the Christmas tree for myself !!! A Ducati for peanuts…man, can u imagine the fun ?..wonder if does wheelies…


Oh yea i want one of the please father christmas…please please please…

Hehehe, cool! I bet it’s hard to control though.

I have always wanted a remote control bike or car one of the nutter hard core ones!

They must be great FUN. I still have a very war torn version from early nineties. We had to build them as a kit and had no moving rider just bars like stunt bars to help you when you crashed but as you got better you can remove them. Also at the bike dealers I was working at, a load of customers bought them and we raced them round local underground car park,painting them in our own race colours. We looked like a bunch of kids as it was xmas and we were all out racing boxing day!!! But you could ‘tune’ them as well. Uprate battery power, gearing, etc and yes you could get them to wheelie.

I’m not allowed!! to get a new one but will eventually get round to digging the old one out…

Sooooo much fun! … you’re making me want one now!!

it’s true, we had a really good laugh and even then they didn’t cost that much. Also you can go after the pub and not worry about your license!!