Ducati 749

Since my beloved GSXF-650 was stolen, I’ve been scratching my head with what to replace her with. So I’m now thinking of getting a cheap scoot to commute on and leave at the station, and something for the weekend and maybe a few trackdays.

I’ve always loved Ducati’s, and quite fancy a 749, but I’m a bit wary about reliability, etc.

Anyone had any experiences of owning a 749? Things to look out for?

No experience personally, but my mate has a '53 plate 749. He loves it, but never leaves home without his tool kit!

He’s not on here, but can put you in touch if you like?

From what I’ve heard - unless it has a genuine and meticulous full service history - move on. These bikes don’t tolerate neglect in this area.

A mate has had a 749R for a few years now and loves it, although i think he’s now selling it as its time for a change. Stunning machine and such power out of the corners, and its always the machine that draws people’s attention, whether other bikers or not. But from what i gather it has the odd gremlin but nothing serious - e.g. a relay that would need replacing.

I think their reliability reputation is worse than the reality. Its not going to be like a Jap bike but it won’t be as bad as some people might say.

Cheers for the comments guys, think I’ll have to go and have a lookey at the weekend.

Hi MacSport, I’ve just joined the forum.

I had a 54 Ducati 749S for a year. It was a brilliant bike :), until I used it in the wet. The water would get sprayed up from the front wheel under the fairing, and there would be problems with the electrics until they dried out. Then it would be back to it’s great self. Other than that, there was no real peoblems with it. I’m 6FT tall, and for me it was comfortable-ish. Even going from Devon to Brands Hatch it wasn’t too bad. Mirrors are crap…

Sounds great too when opening it up, okay not the fastest of bikes. I would like to see what the 999r is like.

Have a look over at ducatisti.co.uk and read some owner reviews.

I hope that includes the Choccamochaccinos too;):smiley:

my 06 749 has done 21,000+ miles in the last 2.5 years - wonderful bike a few niggles here and there but nothing i couldnt tinker with myself - definately reccomended. Expensive on the servicing but they are serviced properly. go for a later model black swingarm bike the ‘early bugs’ are sorted out by ducati by then. Loads of info on ducatisti.co.uk