Ducati 1199 Panigale

Nice :w00t:


A beauty for sure but still prefer the looks of the original 916.



haha! wicked video!

Where does the chess reference come from though?

Then again it makes almost twice the power and weighs 40 kgs less than the classic 916. Loved the track video! This thing flies !



Time for a new bike, :w00t:

not one to dare judge the rider or ducati editing team there but is it just me or is knocking the 1st and 2nd pawn over really badly edited?

I think I’ve just had what Lady Chatterley described as a ‘crisis’ only the male kind… :smiley:

I can understand why :slight_smile:

Sex wee.

That is definately on my list of have to see’s at the NEC in a couple of weeks.

It better be there.

I wish I had not seen this. :slight_smile:

Thought you didnt like Duc’s TDJ !!!

i dont like it :w00t: , the front looks like someones punched it in the face and its gone crosseyed :blink:

I prefer Japanese superbikes for various reasons but when Ducati makes bikes like these you realise why the marque is so special.

It’s starting to grow on me :wink:



thank god for that, I thought I was the only one

rasclart muther fooker wots up me kaiber f k me . i want one

another Italian looker that costs more than the image is worth to maintain and is an utter tart to get hold of spares for or even a reliable service for her…

10/10 for looks
11/10 for keeping the Ducatisti thickies coming back for Ducati ONLY after market service
2/10 for a user friendly experience.
0/10 for ease of self-maintenance
-1/10 for wrist comfort… to this day I have never met a Ducatie Sports bike owner who was comfortable on journey’s of over 7 and a half minutes… “oooh my wrists hurt” poor baby’s


Kenobi, Toby-1-kenobi, sitrring, not shaken