Ducati 1198 and 1198s

New Ducati 1198 and 1198s pics here.

all black…oh yesh:D:D

Sure you want to resign your commission from The Massive, Ratty? :wink:

i’ll always be part of the massive mate;)

Think PJ has a 1098 up for sale :slight_smile:

For Sale 1098, 57 reg in red, 10k miles one careful owner, never raced or thrashed.:smiley:


If I didn’t have a looming tax bill, and was sure the insurance wouldn’t be £4,000 a year, and had a garage, and was a better rider, and not skint, I’d buy that tomorrow.



swap you the SV as a winter hack:D

Why can’t Honda , Yam , and Kwak hire a couple of Italians each for a couple of seasons, just to get some class back into their styling…

I mean look at the new R1… ok, she may be a fast ride, but she looks a six-packer… PUG UGLY and you only pull her when the lights are about to come on at the end of the disco and you’re still alone…


+1the japs boys are taking a BIG risk i reckon. just looked at the pics, got a semi :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it and and I like the R1 … all best in black.

liikeees it alot :smiley: but you know what…i like the new norton! :wink: