Ducati 1098S moto-x

seriously how does this wucking fally not come off his bike.

i hope he played the lotto that weekend, must have won big !!



never done that before :D:D:D

haha, that thing sounds like a bag of spanners!

Maybe but it’s one very quick and sexy bag of spanners:P

That rider was a mong, he could of turned easily…

His shifting gears was messy and not smooth and his lines were shite…I didn’t know what side of the road he was supposed to be on till I saw the car.

he must do this sort of thing all the time :blink: after a near crash he just continuous to ride the same way… :pinch:

he should come on an LB rideout, he’d fit right in :wink:

on can only imagine :slight_smile:

Did anyone else think, “Where’s he going”? :smiley:

Looked like he found a secret off road track :hehe: