Ducati 1098

Registered Oct 20071 Owner from new (Me)

18500 miles with Full Ducati Service History, last service was in september, new chain and brake pads inc.

Immaculate condition

70mm Carbon Termi’s fitted (originals never been on the bike)

Professionally painted white number boards on front and rear

Currently having a new front cyclinder being fitted, and the rear one has also been replaced along with the Race ECU.

Comes fitted with Racetec’s with plenty of life still in them.

£6000 no offers inc rear paddock stand, dust cover and anything else i can find :slight_smile:

Lovely bike mate… good luck with the sale! Seems a tidy price for it…

wanna swap ? ;]

what are you getting next then ?

i wish i had the money to buy and insure it

Good luck PJ, it is a lovely bike, wanna do a straight swap for a 51 plate CBR600F? :laugh: no?? didn’t think so :stuck_out_tongue:

how about a 54plate :smiley:

Try and find that twit in the suit, he’ll give you 13 grand!;):stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the cleanest bike I know - PJ, wanna get some of that OCD on my bike? :smiley:

If you can get it over to mine then i will be more than happy to set about it :smiley:

Thats an offer I cant refuse.
Now all I need is the weather to clear up a little!


Good luck with the sale PJ, so what’s next… S1000r or RSV4?

I am looking for a winter hack.
Especially as it’s going to snow again soon!

Best get your money out then G;)

It’s going to be odd seeing you on another bike!

It’s a very tidy bike, I’m sure it’ll sell no problem.

So tell us, what’s next? Streetfighter?

Damn you trying to out do me!! A 51 plate CBR600F and a broken ZX6R track bike? :stuck_out_tongue:

All in good time, just waiting till friday when i get paid, and seeing what delivery is like:)

hehe! Me on a 1098! If that don’t bring forth the lulz, nothing will! :wink:

Maybe a black speed triple :pinch:


you bought THAT ST?

dude you thought about another FZ1? i know you loved that bike;)