Ducati 1098 Sound-Clip!

We’ve just added a sound-clip of the 1098 from a recent journalist test in South Africa to the article we’ve recently published. Listen to it here:

No word on if this is the stock exhaust or one of the Termignoni system options. Sounds pretty beefy I think

Fantastic stuff. I would assume they’d us Termis for the junket wouldn’t you think.

You’re going to love the change from a screamy 4

Sounds weird…Not typical twin chuggy sound, not like the 999…There’s a weird phasing going on, could be just the recording.

Any dyno figures yet?

Does it still sound like a manic dinner bell ringer on idle like the 999?

Is it 160 BHP RWHP or crank?

Sounds more like the GP/WSB bikes than the domestic 999.

I think there were two bikes in the first part AfroR6…

160bhp at the crank. 8bhp+ released with the full Termignoni system though Ducati’s seem to sit outside the outright-power fight that the Japs get up to, with the bike making good enough progress despite having lower figures than what comes out of Japan.

That did sound good, i do love the sound of a twin.

Bang goes the dream. I’ve just got an insurance quote of £2,600 and there is no way I’m shelling that out a year

I think the “manic dinner bell ringing” you’re referring to is the beautiful sound of a Ducati dry clutch.

Unfortunately, Ducati have gone with a wet clutch for the 1098, so the sound of chimes has disappeared.

Thank f**k…Won’t start looking over my bike thinking somethings up at a trackday anymore when a Ducati starts up next to me

Saying that, I appreciate that it’s a character and with all the samey Jap bikes, it makes a change.

Nice specs…

Frankly though, I’ve just wet myself over hearing about the Cagiva Mito 500.

£4K and very light V Twin in a great frame, with sharp steering.

I’m buying one…I’m definitely buying one…Just need to save up