Ducati 1098 going cheap!

Well that one didn’t last long… bloody hell!


What’s the German for ‘lynch-mob’?

450km on the clock, not even run in. A million angels just died.

Gutted … but not as much as the owner would be ! Hope he/she was ok !

That’s a ticket direct to Hades


I don’t even know what to say…destroyed after 450 km…279 miles…not even run in properly.


Should’nt laugh really, should we?

Bike is heavily spanked, looks like a bad off, hope the rider is okay. Mighty surprised at the amount of damage, must have cart-wheeled. This isn’t the worst case of new bike write-offs I’ve seen though. I remember a couple of years ago when my bike came out, on gixxer.com we saw some k5 1000 completely trashed. The guy looped it whilst doing a wheelie away from the dealership. Twat. He could only afford a scooter after that.

heavy crash, end over end. Probably on a track. There doesn’t look like a panel on it that could be re-used. Subframe gone, forks, headlight, clocks, plastics, maybe even the frame and they want over 8k euro…

Normally you would say it is only fit for breaking, but I think the original owner has done a pretty good job of that…although a couple of bolts around the clutch cover might just be salvageable

I rember the guy on GIXXER.com Jay, he felt a bit small but then he is an American after all