Dubai autodrome/CSS-anyone ridden there?

I really dont want to go and visit my in laws in Dubai because the place sounds like Vegas, baby, but without the baby

plus watching Syriana didn’t exactly help

but now I’ve found out that CSS run a school there, and the track is opposite my sister in laws McMansion, and it’ll be minging winter weather in the UK, its vaguely more tempting

so has anyone ridden there?


Not been on track there but I’ve been to the circuit.

Not much stuck in my mind about the place, didn’t stay long cos it was very hot that day. You don’t need a earth shattering track to do CSS on.

Like Vegas? LOL.

Hope you like traffic jams.

I guess I could do a bit of Dakkar style desert riding out there too. Although my brother in law went dune hopping there in a motor and got lost :unsure:

Be very very careful what you pack in your suitcase :wink:

i always give it to my wife to carry!

Never been to the track but have been to the city many times.

It’s like disney-land for grown ups, loads of free rides and loads you can pay for.

More bars and restaurants than you can shake a stick at, and October to April is gorgeous weather.

Don’t get caught with anything, even prescription drugs legal in the UK can get you 3 years in clink out there. If in doubt take a doctors letter.

One chap who flew in from Morocco was found with the butt of a joint in the treads of his shoes containing 0.004g of cannabis and is now serving 4 years, mind you he did fit the profile if you know what I mean. :wink:

I have also done Levels 1 & 2 with the CSS and cannot reccomend it highly enough, in the dry OR the wet.