DRZ400S for sale

I am getting into classic trials , so my sweet DRZ has to go!!2003 , 5,400 miles mostly on lanes, pair of brand new Enduro tyres ( less than 50 miles of lanes ) recent oil and filter change, led rear light ( Bulbs wont blow when wet ) bar raiser kit fitted, very tidy clean bike



Does this bike have a kickstarter?

Hi Dresie, no it is only electric start , which always seemed odd for a Trials bike , but it has always started and to date never let me down !!


PM sent.

But forgot to ask, where abouts are you/is the bike?

Sunny Hitchin in Hertfordshire :smiley:

2003 DRZ with old body work on it?Did you put the 2002 body work on her?

???You have me there, this was how she arrived , looking at the pics of the bike that came in the handbook they are the same ???


Have you got another seat for it?

I hate buying a dirtbike off a short arse…Seats are expensive to replace!!!

So if i put a seat on it would you be interested ???

its a 2003 drz with 2003 drz bodwork on it…


Its a K2 model not a K3…K3 had white side panels and different tank,white headlight surroundYes id be intrested in it…Trying to sell my Bandit first so I have the room to store it…

u cirtainly know your drzs lol

I will offer you £1500 for it…

I have seen it forsale on the TRF forum for £1650 so its a good bid mate… If not then your do me a favour cause it means I won’t have to spend £1500 out before xmas…:slight_smile:

Sold to a very happy new green laner!

Well done, hope the new owner enjoys it :slight_smile:

I am sure he will, i took him up to one of my local lanes with deep ruts and loads of water, let him wobble off into the distance with his Dad next to me , I so hope he got back to his Dad ???

Si if your reading this did you get back safe ??? …please say yes !!