DRZ400e question

Can anyone confirm if suzuki ever made a uk spec DRZ400e?

Or are all the e models in this country grey imports

Im trying to get an insurance quote and cant seem to find the correct model when i input the registration number ( all im getting is the SM)



They did. Bigger carb, kick start and a bit more grunt. Not sure of the import status but I think so.

They did, but as a competition only bike only, any registered one has been done in hindsight

The s is the off road, road legal one

The e has a bigger carb, slightly better head, plastic tank and no lights or clocks. And a bunch more horsepower. (And no kickstart  tim, that’s an option that can be fitted to all three)

Stand corrected.

I have one and ebike never complained when I mentioned it

Dont have a kick start and its on a 2007 plate  … has factory fitted light …no formal clocks as mentioned above but analogue speedo

E version is also road legal. I believe what Boris described was the K model which isn’t road legal or very common.

E has the better carb, aggressive cams and bigger exhaust diameter. The S was released to be duel sport, whereas the E was for off roading, the SM is obviously.


Nice one thanks for the feedback