DRZ Items?

I saw a very nice DRZ at Chelsea Bridge last Friday, and am now wishing I’d have spoken to the owner and taken more pictures! I’m rebuilding my DRZ, and over time would like to make it a SuperMoto, but I’m not prepared to spend big money on the wheels right now, so am just collecting ideas.

The blue DRZ below has the same non-USD forks as mine (2000/2001 model), but with the gaiters taken off, so I’ve cut mine off straight away, but I don’t know where you would get the shields that the owner has put in place to protect the forks and add some style. Does anyone know where I could get them?

I also love the look of the Acerbis light cluster, I think I’ll be hunting around for one of those as well

Rebuild in progress:

Here ya go



Bloody marvellous! Thanks! Seen some other items on there as well, i.e. new chain & sprockets, tasty mudguard, new bodywork, etc. I just need to fix the bloody gearbox now and get it all rebuilt, cheers!

They look so cool mate! I want one

Is there any bike you don’t want mate? Will Mrs Bike2travel allow any more?

Jay, after a pair myself but do get the boot protector as well. Made of neoprene it fits to the top of the fork leg and stops water, dirt and crap from forming at the top of the fork seal which will cause trouble.

Ahhhh, I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks!

you are right… i want one like yours and another like that and another like the Bennelli… can’t help…

Why??? If you wanna motard, get a proper one DR’s look the part but they forgot to put the engine in

Cheeky bugger It’s true, as SuperMoto’s, they can’t compete with the general SM market, it’s a shame they didn’t think it a big enough market to design a ~600cc engine, but hey, I have a DRZ, and so will conver it a bit at a time because the bike is there already. For what it was designed for (enduro/green-laning) it’s a superb bike, and even does okay round Motocross circuits!

lol I was waiting for your input, or if you also want a different slow motard you could always get the big yamaha bus! lol