DRZ Engine parts needed

Not too long ago the engine on my DRZ 400 blew up, and in light of my recent GSXR trouble, I need to get it back on the road ASAP to keep mobile. I need a new piston, rings and gasket set. Does anybody know where a good place to go to get these is? OEM prices are shockingly expensive, so I’d rather only go there if I have no other choice.

Hi Jay,

Try Fowlers in Bristol Tel. 0117 9770 466. Not sure if they supply geniune or pattern parts but very helpful none the less.

Also www.patternparts.net for any gasket sets and other consumables.

Found this for the pistons + rings

This link may come in handy for any other breakers/parts places.

If the worst comes to the worst just try a few breakers to see if any of them have some spairs?

http://www.bike-breakers.info/ was actually quite good after I crashed the CBR.

Thanks Ken, I’ll ask them. I’m hesitant to go to breakers, as it’s not really a good idea to mix used parts like this, better to go new, from what I’ve been advised so far.

Jay, have you thought about contacting some of the Suzuki race schools ie the ones that run DRZ’s they may have new parts for sale at discounted prices.

Also I know your not a fan at the moment but the supermotard section on visordown is very very useful nice people and your bounc to have some luck there mate. Just an idea.