DRZ Clutch Cable Attachment

Hey guys, I’m having trouble putting the finishing touches to my rebuilt DRZ. I can’t attach the clutch cable to the clutch shaft (the vertical rod that extends out of the engine) and have it properly actuate the clutch. I wondered if anybody knew of the right technique, or could lend me a hand?

I also managed to bugger the thread on the small arm that attaches to the shaft, so will have to order a replacement first. I damaged it getting frustrated and becoming ham-fisted I can attach it with the clutch cable loosened at the lever area, and then tighten it so it has some feel to the movement of the lever, but it doesn’t seem to fully disengage the clutch to the point where I can turn the rear wheel.

I’m guessing there’s some pre-turning of the clutch shaft before I can attach the arm? I can’t do this alone I don’t think. Any help appreciated!

Just PM’d you.

Jay, just had a look in the manual and from memory the best way to do it is with the clutch cable off the clutch lever on the bars. Attach the cable to the shaft end (on the engine) before then attaching the clutch lever as you can use the clutch lever like a fulcrum to get it to seat in the clutch housing on the bars.

Not sure if this makes sense so call me if you need to.

Also, make sure you have the clutch cable routed properly or it will be short. Look under Servicing Information 8-15 for proper routing.

Superb, thanks John. I’ll get to look at this in the few days, hopefully. Will PM back shortly…