DRZ 400 S - With Extra's needs little work.

Currently on Ebay - make me a offer, just want it gone now! My GSXR still off the road and I hate taking the bus to work!!!

I wish i had the Money for this right now!!

Why do these always come up at the wrong time for me???

'lo mate.

If it’s still with you at the end of the month I’ll take it.

Sam, I need a new stator and rectifier for my gsxr, burnt out on me left me broken down 160miles away from home! I also have my PC5 waiting to be fitted and sort out a custom map.

Just want all this sorted ASAP so I can ride the god damn thing again. I took last week off to go travelling and it broke down :lol: trust my luck.

Jakeyz - First come first serve, hope it doesn’t take that long to sell :smiley:

I missed my SM, so I decided to buy this S off my friend but now I have no time for it, plus with the gixxer not working commuting to work etc is a real pain.

Apparently Thats a common fault on Gixxers unfortunately, i’ve had 5 Gixxers and not had the problem (touch wood) so not sure how true that is.

yep yep, let me know pat and i’ll keep an eye on it too. :slight_smile:

Hate the new layout! I can’t seem to quote replies.

Yes common fault, pain in the butt when your 160 miles from home! And it started raining too, I got halfway through the peak district when it happened :frowning:

Right for any LB member I will take 1500 cash…

Really need this gone

You can still make profit splitting. Frame £700 with V5, Engine with E cams (8700miles) another £700? Then you have everything else…

Bump! Need this gone!! Just pure time wasters on ebay

Jakeyz you still interested?

ello ello.

Get paid on the 30th :>

You live close to me right?

Wasn’t too far last time we spoke. I can’t PM on here give me a text and then i will edit post.


phone is out of battery :frowning: