DRZ 400 S Gearing Question

Whilst performing maintenance on the chain, I’ve noticed my DRZ is geared to 15/48. So this is shorter than what the stock seems to be at 15/44 (not had that confirmed though, it’s not in the service book). But of particular interest is that the front sprocket seems to be a little too big perhaps, and is scoring marks into the swingarm.

I need to give it a clean down there to confirm it’s not just gunk, but wanted to check what gearing others were running their DRZ at for a little road and mainly offroad?

15/44 is stock on the S model, though i usually run either 14 or 15 on the front (Depending on mood) and 47 on the rear off road.

you should have a plastic swingarm protector on it, and its not uncommon for it to dig a grove into this, but not the metal itself.

Hrm, thanks Boris. I wonder if this front sprocket is not matched for the DRZ.

The bike is not at all like my last DRZ. It seems to exhibit the dual, and contradictory behaviours of revving out quickly and being damn slow, whilst also not keen to want to lift the front when required to do so, as though it’s both short, and long geared. Most puzzling.