DRZ 400 Kick-Start Hole!?

So, I bought an engine for my DRZ recently, and took the time to go through things with the seller, but stupidly seem to have missed out a very major part of the engine. A sodding great big hole where I can only presume the kick-start on the e-model fits into!

The engine is a hybrid between an S and an E, custom built, but with only 1000 miles roughly of usage. Now, I’ve got everything else sorted after some missing bolts and cam-chain tensioner, but then I noticed this and kicked myself. The S-model has a rubber plug normally where that hole is, as it doesn’t have a kick-start, only the E-model does.

So, does anyone know what the hell I’m going to do with this? There’s no thread on the hole, so I can’t screw anything in.

S’okay guys, I’ve got a part number now for a plug that goes there.

Thank god…

I don’t think I’d have been able to cope with another set back on this project…

Me neither mate Took delivery of some bearings and new headlight unit this morning. More bits in the post, can’t wait (to find time to put it all together).

Jay, is it me or is that tank looking a little rusty where you have started to sand it??? Come on man, get on it!!!Lol

Yeeeah One step at a time!