Drunken Friday Night Statement

I love my bike. It is the best bike in the world.

And your Drunken Friday Night Statement (DFNS as it shall henceforth be referred as) is…??

And it is technically snowing right now in North East Londonia…

If only you could post video messages to prove said drunkedness and then we could all laugh!

No it’s not in chingford??

I quit after-work-drinks after 2 pints. I can’t be trusted.

@ Curtis, South Woodford it was/is… it’s now sleeting. I can hear the change on the bikes and covers which are strategically placed by the kitchen window lol
@ me_groovy, really? It starts getting interesting after 2 pints! :smiley:

EDIT The frozen water particles have stopped descending here now.

I love a drunken statement. It has a lot of truth to it. I too love my bike…testing the lb Christmas gargling venue.

I miss my RSV4.

@ Changyammi, Cool, is it local to your work?

No snow at home =not happy (l like snow)
No snow in West Berkshire = see above
Wet and windy and I’m already at work = same answer
On overtime =happy
So this isn’t really a DFNS but it could be next week’s :grin:

I hate it when Jay stays up all night coding and then snores like a trooper and wakes me up at 5am. I’m not drunk, but utterly retarded from my early wake up - does that count?? :flushed:

It’s now snowing/sleating in the West.
Ride safe or stay in bed.

That’s what he tells you he’s doing :wink:

Pricetta, that might count - tiredness and drunkenness can produce similar effects.Are you randomly swearing and telling people who normally irritate you that you love them?

the secret is separate bedrooms my dear. :smiley:

@mole very local

Lol @mole!

Alba - no! Not until we’re very old and crinkley! :skull:

“I hung a bloke out of a window for 6 hours for not keeping his room tidy”- told to me by a drunk fella tonight in a pub! Lol