Drove a car today....

I’m sure plenty of people on here drive cars and have bikes…but I don’t, and haven’t drove a car since getting on two-wheels in March.

It felt sooooo weird!! You may laugh but for for the first few corners I was genuinely trying to lean as opposed to rotating the strange circular object mounted in front of me. The view of the road felt completely alien and my spatial awareness was pretty p**s poor too i.e. how far over from the road am I etc!

Has anyone else found this after a long period without driving, or is it just me!?

had the same thing happen to me recently… Rode back to Slovakia for hols with BF but his bike broke down so came back two up on mine. Then rented a van the following weekend and drove back to pick it up…now there were a few problems with my spatial awareness as I haven’t driven a van in yonks, I kept pulling towards the middle white line on the motoway lol it wasn’t funny at the time tho:w00t:

It’s odd, isn’t it!

Did you find yourself seeing a gap and nearly going for it? :smiley:

LoL yes totally!! Two lanes of cars and me thinking I could go flying down the middle…it resulted in a few instances of very late braking!!

I find myself sitting in my (diesel) car shouting “GO!!!” and wondering why nothing is happening when my foot’s on the floor :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure I must have looked drunk when I was driving the other day…Haven’t got my licence, but driving on a provisional…Just can’t get used to the car being so wide and taking up a whole lane…Keep favouring the right hand side of the lane, then look like completely out of control whilst I over correct when trying to centralise the car. :w00t:

Also changing gear sometimes makes me swerve a little.

Something tells me I should stick to bikes :laugh:

I drive my car once a week to Tesco and back which is about 6 miles and i hate it, having to stop behind other cars in traffic, not being able to filter.

another thing i caught myself doing the few time I drive is do lifesavers!!
which i guess is a good thing :smiley:

Definately, especially with the amount of car drivers that undertake nowadays i always check my blind spots

:laugh: unless you own a Bugatti Veyron, your car will always feel like a bus to drive compared to riding your bike. The biggest problem I have with driving is I find it so boring, especially on long journeys on motorways when I usually have to stop for an hour or so for a sleep then a lot of caffeine.