Dropped my R1 while pushing

was pushing my R1 when i was off the bike. the bike tilted slightly to the other side and there was no way i could pull it back.
the fairing is scuffed and the front brake lever is bent.
Its a 99 R1 and didn’t have a scratch on it till today. i am planning to sell it in a few months as i am leaving the country.

Do you think i should get the brake lever replaced and touch up the paint so i dont lose much money when i sell it or it wouldnt make much of a difference? how much would it cost to fix it?

How do you guys avoid this situation? i have done this a couple of times on my previous bikes. abosolutely nothing i can do when it tilts to the other side. hate my self for doing it. :frowning:

errr don’t push your bike?!?!

sit on it if you are wheeling it a small distance…

Sorry about that fella :cool:

We’ve all done it at some point, some just don’t own up to it;):smiley:

If the lever is bent you might be able to straighten it with the aid of a vice and a “persuader”. failing that, they aren’t expensive to replace.

Scratched plastics will depend on how bad it is. Maybe a well placed sticker might hide it?

Crash bungs are always handy to save dinks like this:cool:

I would defo replace the lever…Even with a cheap aftermarket item from somewhere like www.wemoto.com

A damaged lever can interfere with the braking ability of the bike to extent where the braking action becomes irregular.

As for the fairing, well, a 99 R1 that just has a scratch on it has done pretty well for its age if you think that many first gen bikes were smashed to pieces by the two factors of over enthusiastic throttle application and Yamaha’s insistence to fit the hardest, grip lacking tyres to their superbikes of that era.

I think any prospective buyer that turns up an early R1 with just a few cosmetic issues rather than mechanical, will not try to haggle a price down too much.

If it’s just scuffed try polishing it out to start with, you may be able to get rid of a large proportion of the scuff without resorting to touch up paint. When you’ve done that have a long hard look at what’s left, and try to see it from the point of view of someone not involved with the bike, and ask yourself whether it really is noticeable…

replace lever, should not be expensive


I’d agree with Afro on this, a buyer would expect a few scratches. I’d say replace the lever, they’re cheap, and do the old polish out as much as you can. Try not to cover it up with a sticker as then ,if the buyer does notice, they’ll wonder what else is being hidden. Well i would anyway. Honesty is the best policy i reckon!

keep the bike leant towards you while pushing, the weight will be triangulated between your body and the bike wheels, if it drops on you , then you leant it too far :stuck_out_tongue: it works for me with my short stumpy legs and almost 300 kg bike :slight_smile:

agreed, also you will have more control of your bike

I always sit on the bike when I’m pushing it for exactly this reason, except when I’m pushing it uphill in which case I push it with it leaning towards me slightly.

It is a bummer when this happens, you have my sympathies.

thanks guys! will get the lever replaced…
its commendable that the previous owners of this bike didnt get even a single scratch on the bike… and then i came along:(

Reminds me when I bought my first big bike in 04…

An immaculate special edition 2000 R6. The silver Champion Edition one.

Gorgeous with Sprint steering damper and Leo Vince exhaust, K&N filter etc…

Me and mate load it into a hired van bringing it back to London from Swindon.

All is fine…We hit London

Driving through Knightsbridge, heading to Westminster…

I can’t contain my excitement about my (at the time) dream bike in the back…I’m smiling away…Mid nod to a tune on the radio


Now for the stupid bit…I actually turn to my mate and ask…“What was that?” :rolleyes:

It was actually the sound of a 4 year old previously immaculate condition R6 landing on it’s side in the back of a transit van, now with a dented tank, all due to scrimping on something to tie it down with and using knackered old rope instead.

Gutted :frowning:

Learnt my lesson and have used metal ratchet tie downs ever since.

it is heart breaking when that happens i gave up walking with the bike as i got knackered to quickly and my 2003 sv 650s was mint until i had my first off in oxford scuffed the panels and rad cover hopefully by the weekend ill have it resprayed and fully tarted up again

Dropped mine once doing exactly the same - normally always sit on it when moving it.
Luckily it had crash bungs but unfortunately it hit the car wheel on the way down and I had to replace the wing mirror.

If I walk with mine I lean it towards me slightly, no problems there!

yea easy done m8 , once i pulled up to my garage on my ducati 748 a week before i fitted a nice sps single seat and matching yellow mirrors . as i kick the stand down it goes that little bit further an i notice the bracket is torn must of gone brittle over time , anyway the stand is down and much further down than norm , all i need to do is get the garage door open and wheel it in . i got off stood over it for say 40-50 seconds ready to catch her , alls good so i open the door an as i stick the key in BANG , i was gutted new single seat was scuffed clutch lever snapped mirrors scuffed . had nothing but bad luck with that bike. i think pretty much every biker will drop a bike at least once , even if its riding off with ya disk lock on which i can say ive done :blush: And even set my bike down over a drain stand went straight in . :blush: but infairness that was 8-9 years ago you do it once an ul never do it again.

I read this and cryed laughing I have done all of the above almost word for word. I put my bike on the side stand but didn’t lock it out properly, got off the bike opened the garage door, turned around and watched it fall over in slow motion! :blink:

Pulled away on a gravel path with my disc lock still on (Didn’t stand a chance!) and the drain speaks for itself :w00t: All numpty moments you only do once :smiley: