Dropped my bike for the first time

going very slowly right, I felt it start to go…put my foot down too late so put it down as slowly as I possibly could.

a helpful fella came over and helped me get it back upright, the R&Gs are slightly scuffed, there was melted tarmac on the exhaust (wiped off using white spirit courtesy of the construction site manager who is also a biker).

I’ll have a look again tonight when I get it out of the bike bays, but I’m pissed off with myself more than anything else.

It happens to us all, if you have a bike, you’ll drop it at some point. Small comfort perhaps but you’re by no means alone! :slight_smile:

It’s anoying isn’t it, you think how can I do something so daft but it’s easily done, did the same a couple of weeks ago.

We’ve all done it mate. Thank heavens for R&G eh?:wink:

Is there anyone on this site not done it? I posted my own sorry tale last Friday!


I think I’d be more nervous if I hadn’t already dropped mine - it’s a dead cert you’re going to one day, so may as well get it over and done with.

At least you’re alright…

damn mate! sorry to hear that. hope theres nothing major.

I did it last week to mate, and I was on a brand new bike that I’d ridden about 4 metres off of the forecourt when I lost my footing in the gutter and down she went.

How embarrased and p*ssed off was I

Been there, done that - several times.

As seems to be the consensus: we own things that are inherently unstable. They go down sometimes.

Bungs are the business!

If it’s any consolation, I laid my bike down rather ungracefully right outside a bike shop once…oh boy, did I feel like a prat! :pinch:

Hope you didn’t hurt yourself Wyvern.

Sorry to hear this George,hope the Hornet still looks good.All done it,fell off loads of times when I first started.

Have you ever dropped a job bike Broady?

Only the once,outside Stirling Moss’s house in Mayfair,I leapt off once it started going,easier than breaking my pelvis I thought:D

Awww crap dude.

Umm well looking at it on my lunch break it looks like I’ve been very lucky. (that and you lot will in all likelyhood tell me, “that’s not dropping the bike”.)

There’s a couple of scratches (small) on the exhaust,

a slightly scuffed right mirror (not more than I would eventually get on the wall putting the bike up),

some slight marks on the R&G,

and finally a bit of stuff from the road left on the exhaust.

Call it a baptism:)

Jeez ! I hate it when this happens, especially as the two times I’ve done it, I had to wait for a passer by to help me pick her up.

Actually twice with the SV and once with me 125 years ago practising my turn in the road, hit a log in the gutter.

It’s so easy to do, I never ride over a gravel surface, it’s just not worth it coz I know I’ll bottle it and break when I shouldn’t.

Nearly lost it a couple of weeks back as I pulled up at the front of the lights and a lorry had shed gravel by the side of the road, my foot slipped, but managed to keep it upright, a little heart wrenching moment though.

Only dropped a bike once, and that was when I was wheeling it out of the garage in reverse. Thankfully the bonnet of my car arrested the fall and stopped any serious damage to the bike.

Poor effort, youre not a real biker till you sent it down the road as a sparking fire ball! :wink:

Glad you got away with it mate, neally done it several times soon after i passed. Luckley I was a big bloke on a small bike and managed to hold it you with my leg. Sure my time will come tho!

i did it in the middle of a friday night at leister square…all the piss heads watching n all…

happends to us all mate;).

Gutted for you mate, similar happened to me but followed up months later by getting wedged in some motorised gates then being spat out! Very expensive and very embarassing!