Dropped a friends shiny brand new CBR 125 =(

Haha! I tried to pick it up, couldn’t! Which again, worries me if I get a bigger bike, how the hell am I going to pick up a 600, and I used to do weights, I didn’t think I was that weak.

Then when I couldn’t pick it up I just kind of stood there and put my hands up like “oh well that’s that” ha

Picking up a bike is all about technique, it’s something they should teach really, but if you’ve got the right technique then picking up a bike isn’t a problem

It’s technique not brute force

Well that’s a relief to know! How do you practice picking up your bike without dropping it though? haha

The more embarrassed you are, the quicker you pick the bike up.:slight_smile: Drop it somewhere quiet and you’ll be there all day struggling to lift it, drop it in full view of a few hundred commuters and you’ll be back up and running in seconds :smiley:

Buy a 600, fit crash bungs, find a car park and do some practice wobbling. Everyone has dropped their bike, most people just keep it quiet :wink:
Mad Alba rides a 600, and her feet barely touch the floor, yet she manages to hurtle round like Rossi on crack. :wink:

Im thinking of getting an old cb500 or something now, just to have for a few months until I’m used to the weight and feel of a bigger bike and a different turning circle. The yamaha ybr125 is too easy, like riding a bicycle ha

I’ve dropped my current bike a couple of times, the last one was highly embarrassing, was on one of the Wales trips last year, lost my footing in a petrol station just as another group of bikers had pulled in, one of them was wearing a go-pro!!! Anyway, don’t be worried about getting a bigger bike, just got for it, crash bungs are a definite yes I’d say, bear in mind though if you do drop a bigger bike you will need help to pick it up, I’ve only managed once on my own but I think that was pure adrenaline that helped me along!! I’m a girlie of 5’4", if you ever do drop it just flutter your eyelids, some strapping young man will help you pick it up im sure :slight_smile:

On my first accident it took me literally a minute to get the bike back up. Its all about the ass. Bum to the bike, hold front break and just walk up backwards. Job done :cool: You’ll be fine. just get some practice in there wit the slow stuff. The rest will be a doddle no doubt :slight_smile:

You don’t you just hope you can do it when you need to :).


Find a nice quiet field, and someone to lay the bike down gently for you, job’s a goodun

I did an off-road course a couple of years ago and one of the first things we learned was how to pick the bike up. Also great for improving bike control. But then fluttering eyelashes was never going to work for me, if you can get away with it, that’s the better option.

I find it takes a while to adjust to a new bike. When I first got my 600, I went for a ride around the block and was so tense I could barely steer because the weight Tec was so different to a 125. A week later it felt completely fine. I also went to a Ducati test ride day a couple of years back and was convinced I was going to drop a shiny new monster in the car park because the geometry felt so weird, 15 minutes later I wanted one of my own :smiley:

This is a good tip, I was trying to pick it up just with my arms, next time I’ll incorporate ass hahaha

Yep off to Lidl carpark tomorrow night to practice uturns and tight turning circles, I thought I was quite confident on my bike but reality check kicked in, I have alot to learn!

or follow Timbo…he wobbles around like a pissed frog on speed :D:D

Lidl !!! go on spoil yourself …go to the waitrose .

Bahaha! It’s just the closest carpark alright ha!

I managed to drop my bike in a full petrol station… I was trying to hold it upright to check coolant level, forgot to put it in gear and notice the downhill… Bike started moving away from me and thudded on the ground. Everyone turned.

Also did it when I forgot to take disclock off and a few other times I crashed spectacularly… It’s part and parcel of biking with some of us more prone to embarrassing mishaps…

I refuse to accept that the bike hitting the ground in a style other than how the manufacturer intended is acceptable behaviour from a motorcycle . I train mine from the day I get them to not do such a thing , this has largely been a sucsess with many bikes passing through my ownership without any punishable incidents . Off road bikes are largely untrainable but it can be minimised by the treat and reward system making incidents less frequent on some days .