Drone record your rideout?

I wonder if one of these could keep up on a rideout. I fancy getting one if they do :slight_smile:

Take a pillion with you to pilot it :slight_smile:


Very, very cool- I’d use one green laning.
I doubt I’d use one for road rides until I had a good idea of legal responsibility if it ends up smashing into someone or something whilst following me.

@chris B you don’t need a pillion to fly it it tracks and follows you!

I Think it’s amazing, however with only 20 mins flying time still needs some improvement but am interested in it!

I’ve had a look at these and the afore mentioned battery time and the very high price has scared me off. How fast do they go? Can’t imagine it going more than 30-40mph

laugh if he threw it off that bridge and the battery died never to be seen again,good bit of kit though.

I like the concept. But as people say, what if it crashes into someone and can it keep up.
But the footage looks good!

Looks ok but most rideout footage is boring as. In that clip they shot about 10 seconds of each sport which is about the limit of how long it is interesting for. That final shot of people standing about on a hill and then the family presentation scene at the end? Your friends and relatives will be really pleased you invited them round to see that.

Early days but the concept is interesting!

Shame they can’t use solar power to self charge the battery.
My bad, didn’t realise it tracked you.

That’s the future!

I think that is fairly reasonable if it performs as well as the ad suggests. Top speed is key though, and only a matter of time till you ride under a tree forgetting you have it up there following.

Like the idea, there is definitely future in this project. I already can see mountain bikers using it (As long as it has tree avoiding feature) :DD
It’s not them who should up their game it’s corporations like Panasonic, Tesla, Google, Apple, Amazon, Samsung (especially Apple, make use of those untaxed billions lying in off shore accounts) in battery development.

That’s very cool concept!

Regarding ride outs - it will be able to keep up only in London traffic

How fast can Lily fly?
Max speed: 25 mph/40 km/h

You need something faster like this

Or just fly yourself :smiley:

No. We prefer stealth mode.

Not sure where second link vanished.

Why not fly yourself?

There’s one that got Kickstarter backing and will soon start shipping AFAIK called AirDog: https://www.airdog.com/

Looks like Lily just copied the idea. Or vice versa…

was just going to mention airdog :slight_smile:

I can definitely see myself buying a drone in the next year or two and actually Lily looks a pretty good option. At around £330, it’s actually pretty cheap as drones go.

I guess my only concern is does it only follow you? Can you control it with an app to fly elsewhere?

As has been mentioned, the tree issue is an interesting one.

A video of a drone smashing into a tree after someone takes off on their motorbike would make a good viral, like those chaps crashing their brand new model helicopters in their back gardens.