Driving license points...

Okay, I admit it. I’m an idiot. Got caught speeding the other day. Camera caught me as I came around a corner about 100metres away. Sh1t. Well, my own fault I know but doesn’t make me feel better about it.

Anyway, just wanted to ask about the 2 year sort of ‘probationary’ period thing on my license, which means I’ve only got 6 points to play with for 2 years. That 2 years will be over in November, but will just passing my motorbike test reset that 2 years? :pinch:

Depends when you passed your first license, if it was more than two years ago, then there is no problem. If both licences are within two years, then the 6points issue applies.

Well 2 years will be up this November. Just wondering if I’ll still be limited to 6 points for another 2 years now because of my bike test?

I don’t like hte idea of only having 3 points left on my license. Get caught speeding once more and I’m :frowning:

No, it starts from the date when you passed your first test, I take it you have a full car licence which is nearly 2 yrs this Nov, and have only recently passed your bike test. The 6 points is from date of first pass…recently doing the bike doesn’t reset it.

If you passed your car test yonks ago before the 2 yr 6 point thing then you wont be limited to 6 points only, it is the 12 points situation.

something ive always wondered as well (sorry to hijack stranger) if u did get the 6 points…and then did the re test to get it back…what happens then? u got ur licence back with 6 points? if u get another 3 will they take it? or is it another 6 which would equal the 12 anyway?

what area u get zapped in stranger? no relevance to the topic really…lol just me being nosey :smiley:

Yes. The two years ends two years after passing your first test. Until the first test you do not have a license, only a provisional. After you pass a test you have a license, the two years starts, and each subsequent test simply adds new categories to your existing license and there is no need to serve a new period of two years.

Once you have your licence, any points earned on a provisional license are included in the 6 points that will get your license cancelled. That is why it is so stupid riding without L plates or with cut down L plates. It means if you are stopped you could end up with 4 points (two for each plate) before your two years even starts!