Driving Licence Validation

As you all know from all the hype on the TV through programs such as Watchdog, DVLA have been known to remove or add categories from peoples Driving Licences when they’ve returned them for a change of address. Some people have opted to declare their licence lost so that they can get a new one and keep the old one as proof of their categories, but I know for a fact that DVLA won’t accept this and have been known to say, “We made the mistake before when we added the category so have amended it now”.

So, I sent a letter with my name, addy, Driving Licence number, Date of Birth and a copy of my photo card and a cheque for £5 to DVLA at the following address:

Driver Licence Validation
Driver Customer Services

Yesterday I received a letter and a computer print out of all the info they hold on my licence which includes the categories and points I was given in May 2008. Apparently they can’t argue against this if it had to go to court!

I’ll be storing that somewhere safe… :D:D