Dripping petrol

Guys, i woke up this morning to find petrol dripping from one of the tubes running down the side of the bike, it has stopped now and fortunately did not empty my tank.

i have rung a guarage and they have said it is nothing to worry about but i want proper advise, does anyone know why it did this? i did fill up the bike but that was on tuesday and have done at least 50 miles since then.


was the bike on the side stand ?

it’s possible the hot weather has expaned the fuel and it’s leaking from the drain around the filler hole or it could be the carb float bowl over flow …

are you able to see which pipe i came from and trace back to where it goes ?

I had fuel dribbling out of a tube from the fuel pump but normally only when riding although sometimes for a while after I’d stopped. It needed a new pump and then was sweet.

it was on the side stand, but i cant trace the tube back, i can only see that it was one of two tubes, the tank did seem pretty hot tho, so hopefully thats all it was, did give me a bit of a scare cos i could smell the petrol in the front room.

thanks guys

prob 1 of tubes coming from float bowl, normally pops on the underside of1 of your carbs.

you sure you not got pet tap on prime?

should’nt be too much to worry about if as you say it has stopped they overflow if float bowl fills too much of petrol which could be a number of things.

I can think of 10 (?) possible reasons for this happening. Most are just circumstances. Not many too serious.

Ignore unless it becomes a habit, but even then, see if there are common events that cause the problem.

(Re fill, side stand, in sun, on a hill, etc.?)

all serious if the fuel gets on your rear tyre