Drinky - 1st June

We’re going to that Morrocan restaurant on Frith Street for Westie’s birthday on 2nd June - why not combine the nights? That way we can still have bike night on Friday and then we can do drinks on Saturday

Up for coming along dude, easy to go anywhere, have bike will travel!!


Leave my plans alone!!!

I doing my thing - Westie can do his - there’s more than enough people to spread around.

Anyway - still not got any responses to location - and I’m off in 2 days.

I suggest Waxy O’Conners, just off Leicester Square - gets busy, so have to get there early - say 5.30 - 6pm - then let the mood take us wherever

Details here:


ooooh, put your handbag away

Cool can do that, although going to have to come straight from work, being a friday an all, so probably only be there from 7ish…

Waxy’s sounds grand, and the bonus is that I even know where Leicester Square is without my satnav However, I’ll leave my bike at work and get t’train Er… tube… whatever the thing’s called

Killer can you have another ‘birthday drinky’ when Grim & I come back from the TT pretty please

Edit: When are you two back? If Eric doesn’t want to oblige, I can pretend it’s my birthday all over again if ya like I’ll even waive the obligatory present-bringing

Great idea, we get back on the 14th & will be ready for action 15th onwards

I would pretend it was my birthday but I have had too many already

Debz n Keti,

I’m happy to have another post b’day / post TT meet up n drinky - am sure there will be loads of stories, and some photos to fling around!

Love Ya

Bring camera: check!

Reminder, this is still happening - I hav been away for a week - just back.

Heads up!!

Have fun - happy birthday

Dont forget the rerun when I get back

Enjoy the Island!!

You lucky, lucky etc…

See you on your return.

Say hi to Grimbo

I’m still on for it and I’m bringing a friend x

Don’t forget Bandeoke on the 14th!!! Chance for a big piss up then as well

Im there mate, might be a bit late, as will be on dog duty


I’ll be in Wales on track day on 14th, so no can do

You’re still welcome Friday

Trigger, see you later on Friday

Oooooh we’ll see…

Shameless plug!! Is that allowed, mods?