Drinky - 1st June

Traditionally I don’t bother telling anyone when it’s my b’day, but this year I feel somewhat vulnerable, in that all my other friends found out what a git I am and have gone away, so I’m left scouring websites for friends.

Anyway, as the last LB drink was actually fun, I thought we could combine the two

PM me if your too embarrassed to post on this thread…it’s ok, I understand

Why are all these exciting things happening when I am at the TT - can’t you just wait until I get back ??

Oh nooooo - I’m on holiday for this one Will buy you a drink (and that ice cream I still owe you) when I get back though.

Looking forward to tales of drunken table dancing, handbags on fire etc etc.

Ya know it’s a given I’ll be there Any hints re location or is it a magical mystery kinda thang?

woo hoo paaartay! like - count us in hunny, and ditto whereabouts?

I’m in (unless I’m in Newquay again)

No plan at mo’, gonna see where peeps better off hanging out.

I’m thinking east of central london, but know central ok, and easier for those not from the East side.


Or nearer town?

Express your preferences

Sorry I’ll be away riding in Scotland

not sure if weve meet, but any excuse for a piss up

Steve, We did meet at Cubana last year, but seen you around much recently.

More the merrier - so they say

I doubt I’ll be on a bike yet, so I’ll defo be merry

Bikes are banned from this meet - never get them into the pub!!

Me and Chaz will keep you company!let us know where and time.

Sounds good, I should be able to make it. Its 3 days before my last deadline for the year so as long as everthings going smoothly…

As for recommendations… It’s my birthday drinks next Friday (sorry, I had to hijack your thread and get that in there) and I’m planning on going out in the West End. It’s really easy round there to find a nice watering hole or three.

God we should just have one big birthday bash all together mine’s on the 15th june, westie’s coming up! So many nights out Aghh but also so many hangovers


I’m in Spain next Fri, so no canna do - join me n we celebrate ours at same time!!


No worries, my birthday is manic again this year too! I’m going to Dublin for my birthday back to London on Friday for drinks with my friends and then away for the remainder of the weekend. I can’t wait!

When are you back from Spain? In all seriousness, maybe we could organise a big birthday bash for all of us. Matt, Clare, Rich (Buelligan) are you up for it? Or should I just gate crash your one on the 1st?

I hear the tequila being ordered again…

Uh oh… I’m going to stock up on painkillers whilst there’s still time

hmmmmmmm!!! this is a possibility!!!