Drinks at the Porterhouse for the Rixxy's return - Friday 1st June

James has asked me to post an event for their return home after their travels so below as follows…

Yes we are back!! We arrive sometime in the week maybe Tues, Weds or Thurs and so we figured we would try see as many of you as possible on Friday night for a few beers and a catch up. We would love you to be there, it’s a open invitation so if we have managed to miss people off then please make sure you invite them.
Again we thank you for all our support since we left and look forward to catching up with you on friday!!
The plan is to meet at Porterhouse (6pm) as its a location everyone knows and is easy to find, after a couple of beers we will move on to somewhere else, i may arrange a table for us at Walkabout or somewhere we can escape from the crowds!!
Hope you can be there
James and Cat x

Tomorrow Friday? Working :frowning:

Sorry, awaiting a mod edit! Its the 1st June :wink:

should be good, i will be there

MetalRedCarrie and me should be there to say hello but will not be able to stay too long.


This sounds like a lovely night to welcome back the LBers to the fold and buy them a drink.

However, in the old days when I was a young lady and not approaching middle age, I could have partied for a whole weekend without a care in the world. However, on that bank holiday weekend I have 4 different activities to do and as a more elderly person now, this involves pacing myself.

So, I may come to this and drink Earl Grey Tea all night. If you catch me drinking anything stronger please intervene. :wink:

Hope to see you there.

Darn - would love to go, but am taking the bike off to Italy for a friend’s wedding

No can do I never have free Friday night anymore :frowning:

In the spirit of ADVENTURE its proving to be a nightmare to ship the bike out of Bangkok and we are not sure we are going to be back by Friday.

Sorry folks we got to Cancel. We will arrange something for a couple of weeks time!!

Much Love

A Stranded

James and Cat

Hope you get sorted Rixxy and Mrs Rixxy. Sounds a bit horrendous, but beaurocracy is unlimited in many countries !!!

Well I was just to post and say I cant do anything for a couple of weeks due to revision but see you are cancelling in any case
hope you make it back soon x

he’s back on :slight_smile:

Is that drinks back on too ?

I’ll have to give it a miss :frowning: – I’ve got an important anniversary on that date…