Drinks are on me

My VFR bloody works now!!! Fitted a 2007 ZX6R reg rec to it over the weekend, and now it works properly. Yay. So I am now commuting in again by bike. I still have a few things to complete on it - I need to rewire so that there is a direct feed to the battery as things didn’t quite go as well as I wanted towards the end of the 1.5 hour ride (say an hour in) as the voltage wasn’t quite what I wanted on idle (above 13.2 volts anywhere above 2500 rpm, but as low as 11…8v at idle, although this might be the result of a battery being nursed back to life, which may not be a good idea on a VFR - a few days on Optimate this weekend, methinks).

The one slight negative from today is that I nearly t-boned a van that merrily drifted across my path. Lesson - you may know that there is a right turn coming up, but you do not know that he is indicating to go down there - he may be turning sooner than you anticipate. Whilst I always ride like they don’t care even if they have seen you, I shouldn’t presume where people are going if they have the coutesy to indicate.

Good job I still remember how to brake well.

Bob, depending on the age of your VFR, Ducati ones of a similar vintage are the same. My 2005 Multistrada uses the same one as the VFR if you check the Electrex Website - and it’s the same reg/rec as other big Ducatis (999 etc) of that vintage.

Have a Ducati one as a spare, but the ZX6R one is much better - much more stable at lower revs.

Put some Arctic Silver heat sink paste (the sort you use on a computer processor) on the back of the regulator/rectifier where it bolts to the frame. Make sure both surfaces are clean first. This should dissipate heat better and prevent it from overheating and failing again so quickly.

Did that on rebuild. Will see how hot it gets on an hour and a half ride, and see if I need to add the fan as well.

Ingenious stuff - where might I get that?

Arctic Silver paste you can get in many computer stores or online.

Do make sure though it’s Arctic Silver, don’t let the salesman talk you into an alternative if they don’t have it in stock