Drinking problem

you must ride round in b mode then:P

150 city miles on my CB500. Still waiting to see how well it does outside the city.

Yup although it’s just a bike lump under the cover at the mo :stuck_out_tongue: Spring is almost here so she’ll be back out soon :smiley:

I’m lucky if I get 85 on mine, power commander is the main culprit,
nothing to do with the big hand full’s of gas from me !!! :wink:

Now that the engine has been souped up, the trike actually gets better mileage (more efficient engine). 2 tanks, 26 litres total will now get me around 190 miles on an average run (1300cc).

thank you, I see its pefectly avarage consumption then (of my bike)

45mpg out of my blade! Around 130 miles and a further 20/30 on reserve!!:slight_smile:

Around 200 - 250 miles out of a 22 litre (5.8 gallon) tank. Varies 45 - 51 mpg. V-Srom 650.

I get around 45 to 60 miles per gallon with my harley, depending where you ride it (town or carriageway) :slight_smile:

I did say when you bought it! I got 165miles ish down to the last fuel notch

I’m not saying you didn’t, you know I didn’t register 90% of what you said the day I rode it the first time :slight_smile:

I’m not complaining at all, I LOVE THIS BIKE and you know it very well as I keep repeating it to you over and over again :slight_smile:

ah I didn’t mean it that way, it’s bound to be different anyway cos most of my journey was motorway and yours is city traffic.

I’m dreading what my fazer 600 is going to be

I couldn’t find the drinking problem sketch so this will have to do


I couldn’t find the drinking problem sketch so this will have to do

I have to give my baby r6 a drink whenever she gives me the orange puppy eye. Cant resist her. Well either that or she’ll stop performing! :w00t: no idea what the mileage is about 4 days @ 30ish miles a day = ~120miles i guess.

250-275 miles to reserve on my GSA. Full tank is 33 litres. Usually put about 27 in IIRC.

About 85-90 around town, around 110 on a run on my 955i Speed Triple… don’t help having my arse on it though!!! so from now on it’s only going to get better!!!:smiley:

As little as 60 miles on 11 litres on the superduke. :crazy:

11 litre tank blimey!!

about 11 to reserve, another 4 litres till you get off and push it. :w00t: