Drinking problem

For some time I’ve been trying to explain to my bike, he is drinking far too much…

For quite a while he was only silently disagreeing.

I was watching my petrol level and couldn’t believe how fast the arrow travels down to the red zone…

He talked to me recently though in his Vrrrr Vrrrr language and made me realise the simple fact I managed to forget out of the great excitement of having/riding him. He has a much larger heart to provide fluids for than his predecessor … How could I forget…

I love this bike…

ps. I wonder how often do you, with even larger bikes, pay a visits to petrol station…

Between 120 - 150 miles

Haven’t done enough riding on the TDM, but I reckon between 150 - 300 miles depending on how you ride it. Seem to be doing over 200 before I fill up, and usually put 16 or 17L into the 20L tank.

Good mileage Kev. I used to get 300 miles on my R125 but sadly not the same with my R6. On the brightside though I’m having way more fun on the R6

I have a firestorm with a 16 litre tank 85 miles around town 100 on a run.

I knew it was a dipsomaniac when I bought it but hey its fun.

120-150 miles a tank for my CBR600F :slight_smile:


Get 200 miles out of the Tiger:)

i get 120-180 on my FZ6, reckon i could hit 200 if i tried.

thats not bad for your R6 mate - i think i 120 once on my 02 R6! maybe i should lay off the right hand a little… not that easy to do though :Whistling: :smiley:

About 120-130 :Whistling: honest on a 16 ltr tank

and theres me about to suggest AA ive been getting 90-100 taking 14 litres around town on the sv650 but was better :frowning:

yeah but its restricted :wink:

depends if Im a tad “playfull” with the throttle…can get shot of 20 litres in 120 miles :D:D

usually 150/180 though :slight_smile:

I fill up every 150 (FZS600 / 20 litre tank). Not sure how much I could strangle out a tank. There was a Bike feature when the got 80mpg out of a Fazer (though not with normal riding).

I don’t trust the fuel gauge as far as I can throw it to be honest, which is why I set it at 150.

Dont know, dont care…i fill up when the light comes on and just go off wherever until the light comes on again !! Didnt buy my bike to give a toss how much mileage i can get out of the tank…:P. The only small bike ive had was the one i passed my test on (a 500) trained on the good ol 125s though…soon as i left the school i had my Suzuki 600 to play with, went on up to the VFR800, moved on to the fireblade 900, and then fireblade 1000RR and stayed there !!! Have the odd “fun” on ol mans Busa (he fills that up anyway)…but ive stuck with the blades. Still dont know which one did what re mileage per full tank !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

me too

Panagiotis (05/03/2010)

Won’t be for much longer, is it too early to start counting down the days? :smiley:

I get about 100 on mine (City) and 150 on (Motorways) - 02 R6:D

you got a cbr then:D