Been looking at getting a drill at some point as it seems there’s always a use for it… :slight_smile:

Anyone ever bought one of these?

Looks like a good price?


Or I could spend £10 more and get a cordless one, plus an impact drill?


No idea on the difference between a hammer and impact drill :smiley:

Hammer and impact drill (diy quality) are largely the same. Don’t confuse impact drill and a workshop impact gun.
Black and decker are average to lower quality. They work but after you use a good quality drill, you will notice the difference.
We use AEG at work and they’re good drills. Makita are awesome but pricey.
Make sure that its variable speed and not 2 speed! I had a 2 speed drill. It’s all or nothing. Useless on anything but drilling.

I have a Makita liPo cordless. …it’s very good… But not as good as my buddy’s milwaukee… And it was cheaper. The most important bit of a drill purchase is will it hold bits as big as the holes you need to drill.

http://www.diy.com/nav/fix/power-tools/drilling-screwdriving/-brand-Performance/Performance-Power-Cordless-Hammer-Drill-18V-12389412?view-all=brand A cheapish one that I have been using for approx 4 years I eventually burnt out the motor so bought a new one it took some serious abuse over that time it was out in all weathers including rain and even took a 20foot drop off a roof without any trouble I now have multiple batteries for this so have one charging whilst I’m using the other but for massive jobs I use my sds drill but that a ballache to get out as its massive and weighs a ton

Hmmm, well at the moment I only have to bits to drill and I don’t want to spend loads of money as it’s quite tight at the moment…

Plus I want to get all the drill bits with it…

The drill bits that come with a drill are always bollocks. Pretty much most if not all drill bits that come as a combination set are bollocks. And the bit your using is as important if not more important than the drill. All the drill really does is make the tool go round and round so if your budgetarys is tight spend big on drill bits and cheap on the drill.

+1 have bought the combination sets before and as numnum said they tend to be made of cheese and will blunt/snap at the earliest opportunity I got a cheap set as a stop gap once (big mistake) and the bits didnt even make it a 20mm into the bricks before they started rounding off

I have two 20+ year old Black & Decker drills, they are only of any real use for high speed drilling into timber and sheet metal. If you need to drill into heavy masonry or concrete they’re useless, they will manage the odd brick wall.

The Draper kit looks like an all singing piece of DIY kit, don’t expect too much from it and you won’t be too disappointed, it’ll probably do what you want it to do in terms of the odd bit of DIY. The bits that come with it are consumable and will wear out, probably faster than you’d like. Think of the drill as an occasional DIY drill and the cordless as an occasional DIY screwdriver and that’s what it is.

I’ve still got my Makita from when I worked on the tools many moons ago, great drills, nicely balanced and survived the odd drop too :doze:
Also had DeWalt and Bosch drills, both were good as well.

As Iang and NumNum have said, best to get separate drill bits. Saves a lot of hassle and pain in the long run.

My dad has a Black and Decker hammer drill from the 70s which is still going strong. You could hire an industrial drill from a HSS Hire shop if you won’t need it after the job http://www.hss.com/index.php?s=drill.

If you have specific things that need doing, borrow a drill to do it. I’ll lend you one, and I’m sure many others will. Then save up and buy some decent stuff - preferably when there are good offers on. My own drills are:

  • a Wickes own-brand SDS Hammer Drill (about 12 years old, often seen on building sites, was £59.99)
  • De-Walt corded percussion drill (variable speed, the two De-Walt drills were in a set for £49.99)
  • De-Walt cordless 18v drill/driver (with two batteries and a charger)

For those kinds of prices, you just need to get lucky in a sale. The Wickes was a general store sale, the De-Walts were I think in Screwfix.


To be honest all I’ll be using them for is to do the odd drilling on bikes - got some brackets to fit on the KTM that need the holes enlarged (ooer!) and also to drill the rear brake pedal to put a peg in place…

So far that’s all I need one for. I don’t envisage needing one for hardcore drilling… I’m not into DIY at all and I can see that the only things needed to drill would be stupid things to go on bikes (well namely the KTM as it has a habit of breaking brackets for the numberplate :D)

Szymon I agree and last time I went up to Pan’s house and borrowed his. But because my frequency of use is sooo low I never think I’m going to need one again, so I never end up buying one :smiley:

get one with a plug on it, as you don’t use it often, next time you want it the batteries wont hold a charge anymore because they have been flat for so long (unless you spend £££ on decent batteries). Try and get one with a 13mm chuck and hammer action, then you can use it for stuff other than the KTM when you need to. and like Jaime said, variable speed not just a choice of 2, very important when you are drilling into accessories for the bike made of alloys of a dubious quality.

At risk of going down in flames, don’t dismiss a hand-drill or a dremel-style hobby drill. What you’re doing sounds quite fiddly…

Yeah I thought of that as well…

Argh so many choices…

Where’s Pan so that I can just borrow his again? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

mines not working… cant seem to be able to charge the battery packs :crying:

can i borrow the drill you’re going to buy?

yeah for fiddly work like that you need a dremel: http://www.diy.com/nav/fix/power-tools/hobby-multi-tools/Dremel-3000-Series-Multi-Tool-with-15-Accessories-12389440?skuId=12910144 I got that one in the sales a little while ago.

If you have a 8mm hole and you need to drill it to 10mm for example, it’s hard to get the drill bit to sit straight.

Typical greek, always asking to borrow things!

hmmm ok, maybe I do go down the dremel route!

My makita 18v cordless was under 100 quid from screwfix about 5 years ago. Came with three batteries. It was lobbed off the scaffolding more than once, used as a hammer, mixed plaster, you name it. Now I’m back studying I use it about twice a year, and the batteries are always still charged when I go back to it.
Assuming the Makita isn’t immortal, and I was the in the market for a new drill I would only ever buy another Makita. I used to burn the other brands in a month tops.

Hmmmmmmmm… Drills…