DRILLER KILLER aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!

Nice…I know how that feels :w00t:

You’ve had most of the best advice, so just the last two penn’th.

Dremel’s are overpriced and there are some good equal stuff out there for a lot less money, but…

A decent, cheap variable speed drill will be a bargain, even compared to the Dremel copies, and much more use in the future.

Snapped bolts have a crystalised surface and are a bugger to drill. You need to start with new, sharp, drill bits and start small, working from a nice centre punched “hole”.

All of this kit is available from “Screwfix” pretty cheap. (Well, a lot cheaper than a new exhaust.) Think of it as an investment. Even with the right kit, I rate this as a 3 buggers job.

Good luck.

Before you go to the time, trouble & expense, I’d concentrate on the one you’ve got the pilot hole drilled in already & see what you’re left with once it’s out.

The reason being is that I had a damaged similar looking kwak can years ago that I hacked open out of boredom & curiosity & the studs in that were welded onto the back of the face plate, so if yours is the same, what are you going to do once it’s drilled out ?

The plate wasn’t really that thick to allow you to tap a long enough thread to hold a bolt securely & without opening up the whole can you won’t be able to get a nut in behind it.

As already said, these aren’t bolts. They are captive studs, as in they are welded in place on the inside of the can. So if you can’t take the can apart how are you going to get anything to stay in the holes once you have removed them?I know this isn’t what you want to hear right now but you could be waisting your time trying to get them out.Hope you get it sorted somehow.

Thanks for the advice oldguy - I’m going to incest (incest? :w00t: ) I mean invest in a proper drilling kit type scenario.Thanks also for the advice regarding the captive stud Pat/Moto - yep I stuck my finger behind there and got the impression that they were welded in there - which they are - I thought - if I can drill some decent holes in there I can pass through some new bolts as you can access the holes from the inside - - and with washers on the inside and outside and then tighten and in theory they should be ok.

If I can drill em out with some proper carbide tips i’ll seee if this is feasible - if not i’ll just buy a trick can and be done ith it. :w00t: