Drifting a bike

How do you learn to do this ? I can do it in a car but a bike must be much harder. Of all the stunts that looks cool


Didnt you drift a bit like that on the triumph that night

I will stick to doing it in cars for now

Yep, I guess I did, but it would have been nice to be able to do it twice rather than just the once

King of the Drifters

seen better:


Surely this shows Rolling Burnouts rather than Drifting?

Either way they are top class

The new Piaggio three-wheeled scooters are made for power drifting. Jim - have you done it yet?

Not bad, I’m going to have to try that.

Great videos.


yep the afl video is donuts, and rolling burnouts.

Drifting is no brake!

Skid turn really low, then power, the tyre has to be on its very edge ( part where there is least contact onto the tarmac)

Sparky is the man for it, but toby from 444 is also extremly good

yeh sparky is amazing, probably the best in the world at it!

aint got much footage of him doin it tho…

Goose, what’s the best way to get started ? I guess playing in the wet would be easier as everythig will happen at lower speed ?

no idea, lol

not to advertise my own forum, but if you go to http://www.cdriders.com and ask the question in the stunt area, im sure one of the AFL Stunt Team guys will reply when they have a chance.

Or even better meet up with us at Ace on Fridays, then they can give you a demo, lol

Ok big my ego now but its not that hard …

loadsa speed …

then hit the front brake

shift down

then drop the clutch

and then when you have the confidence


yeah right mate! if you wanna back it in like a supermoto.

The actual drifting in the video is, skid turn low, drop clutch. Putting the rear wheel onto the spot with its least surface contact