Dremel Kit


I bought this kit from B&Q for about £70 and used it once to grind out a seized bearing collar from my CB1 rear wheel. It has all the accessories it came with as new minus a few cutting discs (5 out of 40 used?)

£30. See pictures

This kit is GREAT for cutting down exhausts with the circular cutting discs. I’ve done it with a hacksaw before and it took an hour to go through an exahaust. With a dremel, it takes about 10 minutes if that!!!. I’ll throw in a free riveter too if that’s what you’re looking to do :slight_smile:





If its still available I would be keen to buy this off you please

It’s yours. :slight_smile: PM me.

Fantastic, thanks. Pm sent.

bugger I would have had this

+1 :errm:

Sorry guys I’m now the proud new owner of this great piece of kit. Am about to start playing with it by cutting things up, to my GF’s annoyance. It will be back on sale again if she gets her way :hehe:

Great to meet you today, GC, and many thanks for selling this through LB :slight_smile:

No problem mate and nice to meet you too. :slight_smile:

Be careful with the dremel…it get’s addictive to use, soon you’ll be cutting through all sorts you hadn’t planned to.:smiley: